This page lists all the sites that have been mapped in Google Earth and further documented through different sources. From here, you can access directly the available information and the exact location for each site (click on those entries with green font color). You can also access The Heritage page and browse sites geographically. The documentation work is ongoing and will be made available as each site is completed. I am doing this as a personal project but have only a few spare hours per week to dedicate to it. Please, have patience and check back often to find new sites documented.

All efforts were made to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information about the Portugality relevant sites. If you find errors, misspellings, incorrect entries, missing links or missing Portugality sites (buildings, monuments, etc.) you deem relevant, please leave a Contribution. This is meant to be a collaborative work among all interested in Portugality and credit will be given to all those who contribute.

António Rocha Graça

Abu Mahir Fort, Bahrain
Al-Jalali and Al-Mirani forts of Muscat, Oman
Alorna Fort, Goa, India
Anjediva Fort, Anjadip Island, India
Asilah - Arzila, Morocco
Bairru Portugues (Padri de Sa Chang), Melaka, Malaysia
Basilica of Bom Jesus de Goa, India
Batticaloa Fort, Sri Lanka
Bom Jesus de Matosinhos Sanctuary, Congonhas, MG, Brazil
Benteng Portugis, Ouw, Saparua, Indonesia
Cabo de Rama Fort, India

Cabo Palace and Chapel (Raj Bhavan), India
Cacheu Fortress, Guinea-Bissau
Capela do Morro da Cruz, Angola
Caranja Fort ruins, Karanja, India 
Carmo Convent in Luanda, Angola

Casa dos Proença, Calangute, India
Castle of Aguz, Morocco
Castle of the Sea (Ksar-el-Bahr) at Safi, Morocco (3D)
Cathedral of Bom Jesus, Daman, India
Cathedral See of Goa, India
Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary, Daman, India
Chapel of Our Lady of the Bulwark, Mozambique
Chapel of Our Lady of Piety - Monte, Madgaon, India
Chapora Fort, India
Church and Fort of St. Anthony, Mozambique
Church of Mary of Immaculate Conception, Panjim, India
Church of Jesus (Jesuit priests), Angola
Church of Our Lady of Africa, Ceuta (Spain)
Church of Our Lady of Conception, Congonhas, MG, Brazil
Church of Our Lady of Conception, Itamaracá, PE, Brazil
Church of Our Lady of Grace, Papdy, India
Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Moira, India
Church of Our Lady of Miracles (St. Jerome's), Mapusa, India
Church of Our Lady of Nazaré, Angola
Church of Our Lady of Pena and Pillar of Possession, Porto Seguro, BA, Brazil
Church of Our Lady of Piety, Silvassa, India
Church of Our Lady of Ransom, Kannyakumari, India
Church of Our Lady of Remédios, Angola
Church of Our Lady of Saúde, Mozambique
Church of Our Lady of Springs (Brotas), Anjadip Island, India
Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Penedo, AL, Brazil
Church of Our Lady of the Cape, Angola
Church of S. João Baptista, Cape Verde
Church of St. Francis of Assisi of Repentance, Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil
Church of St. Thomas, Aldona, India
Church of the Holy Spirit, Madgaon, India
Church Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen, India
Church Our Lady of Life, Mattanchery, India
Church of St. Anne , Talaulim, India
Churches and convents, São Cristovão, SE, Brazil
Convent of Our Lady of Penha, Vila Velha, ES, Brazil (3D)
Corjuem Fort, India
Costa-Frias House, Candolim, India
Covered city market (Mercado Municipal), Daman, India
Dighton Rock, Massachussets, USA
Dominican Monastery, Daman, India
Essaouira fortifications, Morocco
Fasilados castle in Gondar, Ethiopia
Fort (Forte do Morro de Chaul), Korlai, India
Fort Ilha das Vaccas, India
Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya
Fort Manuel, Pallipuram, India
Fort of Danu, Dahanu, India
Fort of Kambambe, Angola
Fort of Mahim, India 
Fort of Mazagan at El-Jadida, Morocco
Fort of Mogador, Morocco
Fort of Muxima, Angola
Fort of Our Lady of Conception - Hormoz, Iran
Fort of Our Lady of Remédios, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Fort of Quelme, India 
Fort of S. Francisco do Penedo, Angola
Fort of S. Jose of Encoje, Angola
Fort of S. Pedro da Barra, Angola
Fort of Saint Sebastian, St. Tome and Pricipe
Fort of San Tiago Maior of Tete, Mozambique
Fort of St. Antonio da Ponta da Mina, St, Tome and Principe
Fort of St. John the Baptist, Ouidah, Benin
Fort of St. Joseph of Amura, Guinea-Bissau
Fort of Tarapore, Tarapur, India
Fort Santo António in Axim, Ghana
Fort St. Angelo, Kannur, India
Fort St. Lucia, Madagascar
Fort St. Thomas, Kollam, India
Fort Tiracol, Pernem, India
Fortress of Aguada, India
Fortress of Diu, India
Fortress of Great Daman, India
Fortress of Larache, Morocco
Fortress of Our Lady of Conception of Maputo
Fortress of S. Miguel de Luanda, Angola
Fortress of St. George of the Mine in Elmina, Ghana
Fortress of the Holy Cross (ex-Fort Orange), Itamaracá, PE, Brazil
Front of Madre de Deus Church and Stairs (St. Paul Ruins), Macao (China) (3D)
Gereza (Santiago) Fortress at Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania
Historic Centre, Olinda, PE, Brazil
Historic centre, Panaji, India
Historic Centre, Paraty, RJ, Brazil
Historic centre, São José do Norte, RS, Brazil
Historic Centre, São Luis do Maranhão, MA, Brazil
Holy Cross Chapel, Kochi, India
House of the Seven Gables, Madgaon, India
Houses in old harbour of São Mateus, ES, Brazil
Ielala stones, Angola
Igreja do Bonfim, Salvador, BA, Brazil
Kaquende source, Congonhas, MG, Brazil
Kikombo little fort, Angola
Little Castle (Ksar es-Seghir - Alcácer-Ceguer), Morocco
Little Fort of Saint Jeronimo, St. Tome and Principe
Little Fort of Simbor, India
Little Fort of St. Lawrence, Mozambique
Luiz de Camoes Statue, Mozambique
Madh (Versová / A-Ver-O-Mar) Fort, Salsette Island, India
Main church of Our Lady of Conception, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil
Main church of St. Anthony, Tiradentes, MG, Brazil
M'banza Kongo: First Catholic Church in Africa, Angola
Menezes-Bragança house, Chandor, India
Misericordia (Mercy) Church, Mozambique
Monastery of St. Benedict of Olinda, PE, Brazil
Monastery of St. Benedict of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Nazaré, BA, Brazil
New Gorgora, Ethiopia
Old Portuguese Mission in Mossuril, Mozambique
Old stone bridge, Tiradentes, MG, Brazil
Old town of Malaca (Melaka), Malaysia (3D)
Our Lady of Carmo church, Recife, PE, Brazil
Our Lady of Pilar Basilica, São João del Rei, MG, Brazil
Our Lady of the Carmel church, Olinda, PE, Brazil
Palace, Mattancherry, India
Pelourinho, Salvador, BA, Brazil
Portuguese Arsenal (now Hazi Mohammad Mohshin College), Bangladesh
Portuguese bridge over Blue Nile, Ethiopia
Portuguese Church, Thanlyin, Myanmar
Portuguese garrison and walls of Azemmour - Azamor, Morocco
Portuguese stone arch of Zanzibar, Tanzania
Portuguese/Brazilian catholic church, now a mosque, Porto Novo, Benin
Qal'at Al-Bahrain Fort, Bahrain
Qal'at Arad Fort, Bahrain
Reis Magos Church, Betim, India
Reis Magos Fort, Verem, India
Royal Prince of Beira Fort, Costa Marques, RO, Brazil  
Ruins Church of Our Lady of Rosario in Querimba, Mozambique
Ruins in Cidade Velha de Ribeira Grande, Cape Verde
Ruins of fort in Saly-Portudal, Senegal
Ruins of old Catholic Cathedral, Cape Verde
Ruins of St. Anthony Fort, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Ruins of St. Sebastian Fort, Alcantara, MA, Brazil
Ruins of the Fortress of S. Caetano of Sofala, Mozambique
Ruins of walled city of Chaul, Revdanda, India
Sacramento Settlement (Colonia), Uruguay
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Muxima, Angola
Santa Cruz Cathedral, Mattancherry, India
Sea fort (Panikhota), Diu, India
See (St. Savior of the World) church, Olinda, PE, Brazil
St. Aleixo Church, Curtorim, India
St. Andrew's Church, Bandra, India
St. Anthony Fort at Ibo, Mozambique
St. Cosme and St. Damian church, Igaraçu, PE, Brazil
St. Francis Church, Fort Kochi, India
St. Francis church, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
St. Francis Convent and Third Order Church, Salvador, BA, Brazil
St. Francis of Asisi Church, Diu, India
St. Francis of Assisi Seminary, Farangipet, India
St. George stone pillar (padrão), Angola
St. Jeronimo Fortress (Nani Daman), India
St. John the Baptist Church, Thane, India
St. John the Baptist Fortress at Ibo, Mozambique
St. Joseph Fort at Ibo, Mozambique
St. Lawrence Church, Edakochi, India
St. Lawrence Church, Sinquerim, India
St. Paul Church, Diu, India
St. Paul Palace, Mozambique
St. Peter the Apostle church, Olinda, PE, Brazil
St. Philip Fort in Cidade Velha (Old Town), Cape Verde
St. Philip Moat and Royal Wall, Ceuta (Spain)
St. Placid catholic church and cemetery (Paterghatta Portuguese enclave), Bangladesh
St. Sebastian Fort in Moçambique Island, Mozambique
St. Thome Church, Diu, India
Vasco da Gama cross in Malindi, Kenya
Vasco da Gama Statue, Mozambique
Vila Deshprabhu, Pernem, India
Walled city of Baçaim (Vasai), India