I was inspired to start this work by learning about and reading several works about this extraordinary legacy. I wish to leave here a tribute to the people who study the Portuguese legacy in today's world by recommending their work to you. I hope I am able to add an extra dimension to these early efforts:

I think, however, that this is a work that will be never completed, as every year more signs of Portuguese presence and influence in many places of the world are uncovered. Therefore, I gladly welcome all contributions that you may bring either in pointing me towards some aspect I missed so far. I also welcome all contributions to correct the information in this website to make it ever more accurate.

Feedback is always welcome as it provides me with feedback as to how you feel about the website and its underlying purpose. A nice word, now and then, also helps me keep motivated.

Please, use the below form to communicate with me. I will try to keep a log of all constructive contributions.

António Rocha Graça

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